What would a Gucci-inspired kettle look like – Would you buy it?

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, where boundaries are constantly being pushed, luxury brands are always on the lookout for new ways to dazzle their clientele. Gucci, as one of the leading names in this realm, has never shied away from the audacious or the extravagant. But what if this iconic brand decided to venture into an entirely different domain—your kitchen? Imagine the day when you’re not just wearing Gucci, but you’re also brewing your morning tea in a Gucci-inspired kettle. The very thought might seem like an amusing paradox, a whimsical blend of high fashion and everyday functionality. But if such a day were to come, what could we expect from a kettle that bears the influence of a brand synonymous with opulence and flair? This article dives into this amusing hypothetical scenario, exploring the features, design, and, of course, the price tag that might come with a Gucci-inspired kettle.

When Gucci decided to conquer the kitchen market

Have you ever wondered what the world would look like if the Gucci fashion house decided to enter our kitchens? Imagine a kettle with a GG monogram that sings opera while boiling water. Sounds absurd? Exactly!

Kettle a la haute couture

The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, design. A Gucci-inspired kettle would probably have gold finishes, leather handles, and maybe even a small polishing cloth. And what about the cable? Of course, it would be a leather strap with a tiger head-shaped buckle.

Features? Only the most extravagant!

Who would have thought that a kettle could have a selfie function? Well, a Gucci kettle would certainly have it. Or a voice function with the voice of Guccio Gucci himself, saying: “Your water is ready, darling!” And of course, a special “fashion parade” mode where the kettle spins around its axis presenting its magnificent design.

Price? Well, expensive!

Let’s not kid ourselves, such a kettle would probably cost as much as a small car. But after all, we pay for the brand, design, and that feeling when the neighbor from the next apartment looks enviously at our new acquisition in the kitchen.

User manual like from a fashion magazine

Instead of a traditional manual, we would get an elegant magazine with a photo session of the kettle in the main role. At the end, a few pages with instructions, written in small print, of course in Italian. Plus a few tips on how to dress this season, because you have to match your kettle!

Where to buy such a kettle?

Of course, not in a regular household appliances store. Such a kettle would be available only in selected Gucci boutiques, next to handbags and shoes. Maybe you would even have to make an appointment for a special presentation in the mysterious back of the store.


A Gucci-inspired kettle is a combination of extravagance, absurdity, and luxury in one. For many people, it could become an object of desire, for others proof that fashion really knows no bounds. But one thing is certain – such a kettle would certainly not be boring!