What if Rick Owens Designed a Car?

Rick Owens, regarded as one of the most innovative fashion designers of our times, always surprises with his boldness and unconventional approach to design. His creations have been admired and astonishing the fashion world for years. But what would it look like if this extraordinary creator decided to transfer his vision and aesthetics to the world of motoring? Would a car designed by Rick Owens become as iconic as his fashion creations? What elements characteristic of his style would be found in such a vehicle? In this article, we will try to answer these questions, trying to imagine what such an unusual combination of the fashion and automotive worlds might look like.

Visual Revolution of Rick Owens

If Rick Owens designed a car, it certainly wouldn’t be an ordinary vehicle. Its design would reflect elements characteristic of him: rawness, minimalism, and courage. We can imagine a car with matte, dark colors, straight lines, and at the same time, surprising details.

Materials from Another Planet

A car designed by Rick Owens would undoubtedly stand out on the road. It’s possible that instead of traditional leather seats, Owens would choose unusual materials, such as shark skin or even metal. Details like metal riveting or unconventional handles would emphasize the uniqueness of this vehicle.

Wheels of Crystals and Steering Wheel of Stone

Imagine wheels made of transparent crystals that reflect light in thousands of colors while driving. The steering wheel could be made of smooth, black stone, perfectly fitting into the driver’s hands, offering a unique driving experience at the same time.

The Future of Technology

Not only the design but also the technology in Rick Owens’ car would be top-notch. We can expect that this vehicle would be equipped with the latest technological solutions, such as autonomous driving, advanced safety systems, or an interactive cockpit.

Rick Owens’ Ecological Mission

Considering Rick Owens’ commitment to ecological issues, a car designed by him would certainly be environmentally friendly. It might be an electric or hybrid vehicle, with an emphasis on sustainable materials and production processes.

Exclusivity and Price

Such a car would certainly not be cheap. But for fans of Rick Owens’ design and for those looking for more than just a means of transport, it would be a vehicle worth every price. We can expect it to be a limited model, available only to selected individuals.

Engine Sound as an Artistic Symphony

The engine of Rick Owens’ car would not only provide incredible power but would also sound like a symphony. Every engine start would be a real sound experience that would arouse the admiration and interest of every passer-by.

Integrated Technologies with Fashion

The interior of the car could be equipped with wearable technologies, such as intelligent fabrics that respond to the driver’s body temperature or interactive screens built into the seats that would adapt to the needs of passengers.


If Rick Owens designed a car, it would undoubtedly be a vehicle that combined art, technology, and ecology. It would be a car for those who value not only functionality but also design and uniqueness. In a world full of serial cars, Rick Owens’ vehicle would undoubtedly stand out on the road, attracting attention and admiration.

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